Brenta River System - Fiume Brenta

This part of Brenta River is managed by Bacino Acque Fiume Brenta, an association that oversees 40-km (~25-miles) of this beautiful stream. This is the Kingdom of the stunning Marble Trout (Salmo marmoratus), an endemic specie of trout that can grow over 20-kg (~45-lbs)!



This area of the Brenta River is divided into three separate zones. Two Trophy Zones, and a No-Kill Zone.


Bacino Acque Fiume Brenta

The Fishermen's Association of Brenta Canal, the oldest fishing company in Val Brenta, was founded in 1969 as a "Fishing Reserve for public water concession for ichthyological purposes" by a group of passionate fishermen and animated by a deep love for the river.


Fishing Guides

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