Most of the gear is typical trout-fishing equipment. However, because in some areas the substrate can be quite large, and the water can be very swift, and the bottom very slippery, I HIGHLY ADVISE you to bring a wading staff and cleats/studs for your wading boots. Neglecting to do so will limit you prevent you from fishing in some areas due to safety concerns.


  • Split Shot

  • Strike Indicators (new zealand type)

  • Sunglasses and cases

  • Tackle bag

  • Tippet 2x-5x

  • Tippet -Fluorocarbon 10-30#

  • Vest

  • BOA cable/spare bootlaces

  • Leader Wallets

  • Leaders 20#-5#

  • Wader Repair Kit

  • Floatant

  • Wader-bag

  • Waders

  • Wading Belt

  • Wading Boot Studs/cleats

  • Wading Boots

  • Wading Staff

  • Line cleaner

  • Line Nippers

  • Mitten clamps/hemostats

  • Reels/reel case

  • Rods/rod case(s)

Fishing Tackle

Most effective fishing technique is nymphing Czech/European style.

Very long leaders ~30-feet ...indicator-tippet bicolor/tricolor nylon ... tippet and 1 or 2 nymphs, the heavy on the top and the light one on the bottom (15cm length) about 70 cm from the top, high sticking from downstream.

  • Nymphing Rod 10’-11’ #2, #3 or #4; euro-nymph line (or monofilament only) and leader, tippet 4X-5X

    • Nymphs from size 18 to 10 (perdigon, frenchie, PT, etc.)

  • Dry Fly Rod 8’6”-9’ #5, tippet 6X

    • Dry flies from 16 to 10 (CDC caddis, sedge, mayfly, honey-bees)

  • Streamer Rod 9’ #6 or #7 Tippet 3X or heavier

    • (Sculpins, baitfish, and clouser deep type minnows, - olive, brown, black, white)

  • Switch or Two-Hand Rod #7-#9 (for use in the very large sections of the Piave ask if this is for your trip!)

Talking about the flies, all must be barbless. Small sizes are better and the classic pheasant tail is good! Pink, white or orange dubbed collar is good! I like also the Cooper John style nymph.

About dry flies, in this period the Beatis and all the classic female Adams, March Brown, red spinner. in case of milky water from melted snow don't forget to try some big terrestrial like Chernobyl ant, Caterpillar... just use them like an indicator, hopper dropper or New Zealand rig.

And for the same reason don't forget to try some PT with orange fluorescent bead or hairy black nymph, or if you like, streamers in white, olive or black such as woolly buggers and leeches.

Sample Travel List

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