“Tipping” or Gratuity, in Italy

In Regards to Dining: In Italy service, which usually ranges from 1 to 3 euros depending on the restaurant, is automatically added to the check and must be visible on the menu. "Coperto," the charge for the tablecloth, silverware, etc., may be added. Normally, just round up the bill, a few Euro.

Fishing Guide Gratuity: Just like virtually everywhere else in the world, if your guide has shown you a good day, despite the “creel count”, a tip is always appreciated. A tip of 10-20% is considered a respectable range for tipping your fishing guide.

Remember that tipping in Italy is considered a “bonus,” so the amount should reflect the level of service. There is no set-in-stone rule for Italy tipping. It is solely up to you how much gratuity you offer.