What to expect from the lodging accommodations..

There will be no “roughing it” when fishing in Italy with me. All hotels and lodges offer clean and comfortable rooms, breakfast, daily room cleaning. It is also common to find a bar and restaurant, exercise facilities, and laundry services.


Tione di Trento

There are single, double and family rooms available at the Hotel Milano di Tione. Many have balconies, and all are modern, clean, and comfortable.


Bar and Cafe

Expect full-service bar and cafe, for morning coffees, afternoon refreshments, aperitivo, and drinks after dinner. Often, outdoor seating is also available.

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Restaurant - Lunches (Pranzo)

Expect a mix of simple but exquisite shore lunch consisting of meats, cheeses, breads, beer and wine, and visits to nearby cafes and bistros.


Restaurant - Dinners

The Hotel in Tione provides excellent traditional local dishes. Several other, unique and exceptional dining venues are available to us, and depending on the duration of our stay, we can explore them all.